SmartNet Oklahoma Announced 3.2017

North America’s largest RTK Network finally arrives in Oklahoma

With almost 1,300 stations & covering over 250 million people, SmartNet North America is the largest RTK service provider on the continent. Now, it is our great pleasure to announce the launch of SmartNet Oklahoma. We know you have choices in network service providers, but don’t be comfortable with the status quo. Let us show you the difference!

  • Industry Leading Availability & Reliability
  • Unsurpassed Repeatability - Every day... Every Project...
  • Cutting Edge GNSS Hardware
  • Ground Breaking Service Delivery & Infrastructure
  • Full GNSS Network Corrections—Including L5 & GALILEO
  • 24/7/365 Support & Monitoring 
  • Best in Class Integrity Monitoring Program 
  • Online Suite of Tools & Services that are second to none


 To see our complete coverage available today, please visit

*Network Coverage Shown for Oklahoma in Dark Grey, actual network coverage may vary at launch. Light Grey indicates the Oklahoma service area geofence that will be available to subscribers if Network Coverage is available. Official launch of SmartNet Oklahoma is October 6, 2017.

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