SmartNet North America Extends GNSS Network Advantages in Machine Control

SmartNet North America (, the industry-leading high-precision, high-availability network RTK correction service, today announced the availability of site licensing, a convenient new way for contractors to increase consistency and efficiency on large GPS/GNSS-enabled construction projects. With a single site license tied to a common datum, contractors can achieve centimeter-level accuracies across all GPS/GNSS rovers and machines in use on a construction site while saving time and money compared to traditional approaches.

For each site license, SmartNet will work closely with the contractor to ensure the local network achieves the accuracies required for machine control, providing densification if needed. Contractors no longer have to purchase and manage their own base stations and repeaters. Instead of going through the time-consuming process of setup, checking and rechecking to ensure the right corrections, project teams can simply arrive onsite and go. The larger the project, the greater the gains in efficiency from the site licensing approach.

SmartNet North America is fully open to all makes and models of GNSS equipment and is designed to provide the highest reliability and accuracy 24/7. With more than 1,300 sites, providing GNSS Correction Services to almost a billion acres in 42 states and 8 Canadian provinces., SmartNet has extensive network coverage across the continent. The new site license further extends the benefits of the network into the construction industry.

"We're seeing a tremendous growth of GNSS in heavy construction, both for machine control and activities such as stockpile quantity measurements and elevation checks," said Wendy Watson, director of reference station operations–GNSS reference networks for SmartNet North America. "Along with the adoption of technology, contractors are seeking ways to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, efficiency and productivity. A SmartNet site license helps them achieve these goals with the confidence that they are working with a trusted industry partner that is committed to their success."

For more information about the SmartNet service, visit or follow SmartNet on Twitter at @smartnet_na.


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