Impactful Coordinate Changes across SmartNet North America - 5.2017

SmartNet North America launched our adjustment & integrity monitoring program in late 2012 to assure a high quality, standard set of coordinates were available to our customers.  As part of this program we established tolerance thresholds that would initiate investigation into a station coordinates should we see coordinate shift greater than 30 mm during our semi-annual adjustment schedule.

We take adjusting the product (broadcast) coordinates very seriously, as this is immediately reflected to our customers.  However, to assure integrity of the network overall we sometimes reach a threshold that requires us to update the product coordinates.  In our most recent adjustment, we have discovered the following stations fall outside of the 30 mm tolerance and require us to update the product coordinates.  The update to the coordinates these sites could material impact measurements in the field.

Please refer to the "Site Information Search" tool to determine the amount of the shift (or click on the site code below), you can view the current and superseded coordinates, we encourage you to watch this short video to learn more about the tool - LINK.

More information to come with links to each individual site.


Currituck NC - NCCU
Nags Head NC - NCNH
Sanford NC - NCSD
Lisbon NC - NCLB

Hamilton AL - AL23
Troy AL - ALTU

Red Wing MN - MNRW
Kenyon MN - MNKY
Hubbard IA - IAHU
Caledonia MN - MNCD
Wabasso MN - MNWB
Springfield MN - MNSP
Worthington MN - MNWO
Aitkin MN - MNAI
Mitchell SD - SDMT
Britton SD - SDBN

Bellevue LA - LABV
Deridder LA - LADR
Jennings LA - LAJN
Springdale AR - ARSG

Alice TX - TXAE
Beaumont TX - TXB2
Houston W TX - TXHS
Temple TX - TXTC

Divide CO - CODV
Middleton ID - IDMN
Sterling CO - COSL
Wenatchee WA - WAWE
Klamath Falls OR - ORKF
Roseburg OR - ORRB
Molalla OR - ORMO

Ryan Station AZ - AZRT
Rio Rancho NM - NMRR



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