RESOLVED - Incorrect Antenna Discoverd - QCTM

Created May 14, 2017

Reported Issue:

An incorrect antenna was assigned to the Thetford Mines QC (QCTM) reference station upon installation.  During standard QA / QC procedures, the mistake was discovered and the station was removed from service and the correct antenna profile was assigned.


Issue Resolution:

Upon discovering the incorrect antenna was assigned, SmartNet staff removed the station from service immediately and corrected the antenna assignment.  Using the incorrect antenna would cause vertical issues in the field and could adversely effect network performance.

The new antenna profile was used to recalculate the station position and the new position has now been published for both broadcast and Site Database operations.  If you used this station during the period where the incorrect antenna was assigned, you will see an immediate difference in your vertical positions and should perform a calibration, transformation or localization to bring old and new measurements into alignment.


You can find updates to this station in the SmartNet Site Database.

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