Deprecation of RTCM 2.x and CMR Corrections

SmartNet NA has officially deprecated our RTCM 2.x and CMR/CMR+ correction services (except for DGNSS / DGPS applications).  This was done to remove support of legacy correction formats that limit customers to GPS only corrections.  By removing support of the legacy correction formats, SmartNet hopes to reduce the confusion customers typically experience when non-GPS satellites begin to drop out of their RTK solutions when connecting to non-GNSS correction streams.  

With the launch of our GNSS corrections in May 2017, RTCM 3.2 MSM became available to support all new GNSS satellites and signals and RTCM 3.1 became the standard GPS and GLONASS correction format.

Customers should migrate to a more current correction format that supports at a minimum of GPS and GLONASS corrections - RTCM 3.1 or a modern correction format that fully support full GNSS corrections - RTCM 3.2 MSM.

For additional information, please watch our Fall Update Webinar to learn more about this decision.  If you would like to skip directly to the segment talking about the deprecation of these correction formats, please follow the link below and skip ahead in the webinar to time stamp 21:39 in the video to hear us explain the decision in detail.

Deprecation Date - January 2, 2018


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