What mountpoints are available for my educational license?

We have a variety of mountpoints available for use by educational customers to meet their needs.  Please see the list of mountpoints below.

Educational licenses 

MSM_NEAR RTCM v3.2 (MSM 4) Nearest Station
RTCM3_MAX MAX RTCM v 3.x (Type 1004,1015,1016)
RTCM3_IMAX iMAX RTCM v 3.x (Type 1004)
RTCM3_ViRS ViRS RTCM v 3.x (Type 1004)
RTCM3_NEAR RTCM v 3.x (Type 1004)
RTCM2_DGPS_IMAX iMAX RTCM v 2.3 (Type 9,2) - DGPS
RTCM2_DGPS_NEAR RTCM v 2.3 (Type 9,2) - DGPS


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