SmartNet expands in California - August 27, 2012

SmartNet North America today announced it has significantly upgraded and expanded the coverage of its SmartNet RTK Network in California, making real-time GNSS correction available to 82 percent of the state’s population. The largest GPS/GLONASS reference station network in the world, SmartNet gives GNSS users access to differential correction for any measurement application without the use of a base station.

“SmartNet has upgraded the SmartNet California network to improve both the quality and geographic coverage of GNSS correction throughout the state,” said Wendy Watson, Director, Reference Station Operations. “All SmartNet California stations are now GPS and GLONASS capable with additional enhancements being made to accommodate future positioning satellite constellations.”

A Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) network is a series of permanent GPS and/or GNSS receiver stations whose combined data is used to generate corrections for rover GNSS receivers operating in the coverage area. The rover GNSS unit uses this correction data to improve the native accuracy of its measurement and location calculations. Strategic installation of SmartNet stations throughout California provides wireless RTK data access to nearly every GNSS user in the major population centers of the state.

In the past six months, SmartNet has installed six new stations and upgraded eight more to strengthen the geometry of the California network. Most new installations have included the Leica GR10 next-generation GNSS reference station receiver and Leica AR10 antenna with integrated radome. New stations have been installed in North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and Yuba City. Total population coverage in the state with SmartNet now exceeds 30 million.

“Wireless access to RTK data without a base station is an enormous time savings for surveyors, GIS professionals or other GNSS users who needs to improve the native accuracy of their location measurements,” said Wendy Watson, Director, Reference Station Operations. “For any measurement application in California, SmartNet makes this data accessible instantly and affordably.”

Available through several subscription plan options, SmartNet California is relied upon by GNSS users in surveying, mapping, construction, engineering, agriculture and GIS.

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