SmartNet Texas Receives Upgrades & Expansion - June 19, 2013

As part of our ongoing effort to improve SmartNet, the Texas market has seen a great deal of work over the past several months.  We are happy to announce that these efforts and investments have paid off.  As of June 19, 2013, all Texas stations in the Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, East Texas, Houston and San Antonio markets have been upgraded and are now completely GPS and GLONASS capable.  And while there is still work to do in South and West Texas, we are very excited for what these upgrades mean to our customers in the field.

Along with the upgrades, we are also pleased to announce the addition of 5 new stations in the Dallas/Fort Worth market that will be brought online in the next several days.  These stations were added to improve the overall geometry of the network in the metro area and strengthen the solution our customers receive.

And just so our customers in the other Texas markets don't feel left out, there are a number of new and exciting developments on the horizon for Houston and San Antonio, as well as the South and West Texas markets.


Thank you,

SmartNet North America

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