Changes to RINEX Access and Processes - October 2, 2013



UPDATE - March 1, 2021:  Please watch our Winter 2021 Update Webinar for details about new RINEX Policies - LINK


We wanted to take a moment to let everyone know we are changing the manner in which we will be providing RINEX files. Up until this point we have been providing RINEX files in 2 manners, one thru standard FTP access and another thru SpiderWeb. However, with our continued growth it has become necessary to look at a more scalable and integrated replacement for SpiderWeb. Also, with the US Federal Government Shutdown, we thought it necessary to accelerate our plans to provide a better interface for our customers in the short term.

With this in mind, we will be launching a new SmartNet RINEX Project service in the coming days and decommissioning our SpiderWeb services. To accommodate this transition, it will require us to take our existing SpiderWeb services completely off-line to accommodate the migration of several terabytes of data from all of our regional RINEX data stores into a single location. This SpiderWeb shutdown will be effective immediately and the data migration is already underway (for updates to the data migration, please see the link below). For our end-users accustomed to accessing RINEX files via SpiderWeb, please access any RINEX data that you need via our standard FTP interface during this interim period. For end-users already using our FTP interface to access RINEX files, you will simply need to access them via a different domain name.

Migration Status -

As part of this consolidation and migration, we will also be changing the domain name to provide a single point of access for all RINEX data services. The new domain name for RINEX data via our FTP interface will be And once launched our RINEX Project Tool interface will be available directly thru the Portal.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during the transition, however we see this is a key area improvement that we must address as we move forward.


Our RINEX Project Tool has now been launched is available directly thru the Portal






Thank you,

SmartNet North America

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