SmartNet North America Launches SmartConnect Cellular Data Services

SmartNet North America, the high-precision, high-availability network RTK correction service, has launched a new integrated cellular data service package called SmartConnect. Designed to simplify Internet connectivity with GNSS equipment, SmartConnect is a bundled service that allows SmartNet customers to access the SmartNet RTK correction services as well as other related online services requiring the Internet, such as ActiveAssist, Exchange and field-to-office file transfer.

“It’s a one-stop solution,” said Wendy Watson, Director, Reference Station Operations–GNSS reference networks. “In the past, anyone who signed up for network RTK service had to go through an extra step of working with a cellular data service provider to complete their setup. Now they can get their SmartNet license, data services and entire support experience from a single provider, which makes it much easier to get up and running on the network.”

SmartNet customers who opt for the SmartConnect package receive a SIM card that provides instant Internet connectivity. Both the SmartNet and SmartConnect services are included on the same monthly invoice, which simplifies billing. Users can choose from a standard, professional or professional-plus package with service terms that coincide with their SmartNet subscriptions from a single month to a year. Troubleshooting is also easier—users simply contact the SmartNet Help Desk for immediate access to knowledgeable professionals who can quickly determine whether the issue relates to the equipment, network RTK service or data service and can provide complete support.

“Today’s geospatial professionals rely on easy access to the Internet,” Watson said. “SmartNet SmartConnect provides that easy access while allowing professionals to manage all their network solutions from one place and quickly resolve issues in the field so they can maximize their productivity. It’s one more way we’re anticipating and meeting our customers’ needs.”

View the SmartNet network coverage map here:

For more information, visit or follow SmartNet on Twitter at @smartnet_na.


SmartNet North America – Any Constellation. Any Application. Open to All.

Launched in 2010, SmartNet is the first commercial GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network to allow for a single connection point for coverages across North America. SmartNet currently contains approximately 600 sites, providing both GPS only and GPS and GLONASS coverage to 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces. Purpose built, SmartNet provides high-precision, high availability network RTK corrections for any application throughout North America.

SmartNet is part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies that enable customers to design, measure and position objects, and process and present data.

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