Too Many Concurrent Connections - Error ID 350468

System Definition:

If the maximum simultaneous access is set to 10, for example, and if 10 rover user connections are established, then this watch view message is shown for any additional rover user trying to connect.

The additional connection will be kept pending for some time. If the time out expires, then the rover user will be rejected and the connection is closed.


The "Too Many Concurrent Connections" error means a username and password is being used multiple times on the network.  SmartNet does NOT allow multiple simultaneous logins via the same username and password.

Common Error Causes:

  1. Someone else in your organization is using the same username and password
  2. A previous connection remains in place due to a "false socket".  A false socket can occur when a rover is not disconnect from the network properly or there is some other issue that causes the connection to the network to break at the rover side, but the server believes there is still a connection in place.  

Corrective Steps:

  1. Verify no one else in your organization is using the same username and password
  2. "False socket" connections should be reset automatically by the network after 1-2 minutes

If either issues continues to happen please alert SmartNet Support.

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