Fallback to single site activated - Error ID 350478, 350479, 350480

System Definition:

The fallback from a network-based correction product to single site product, configured for the specified product, has taken place for the given rover user.


To assure the highest availability of corrections, all SmartNet RT Products have "fallback" enabled to assure correction services are available in multiple types of conditions.  When "fallback" is activated, you will receive a single site product instead of a network-based correction to assure that you can continue to work without interruption.  Please note, accuracies may be affected depending on various factors.

Common Causes:
  1. The rover's position is below the minimum threshold distance from the master station (350478)
  2. The network does not have a "fixed" common ambiguity level for the cluster the rover is working in (350479)
  3. The rover has traveled outside a network cluster or has traveled outside a network cluster that has a a "fixed" common ambiguity level (350480)
Corrective Steps:
  1. If the rover's position is below the minimum threshold distance, the network will transmit only single site products, as this will be the optimal correction for a rover over short baseline distances.  No corrective steps are required (350478)
  2. If the network does not have a "fixed" common ambiguity level, a rover user can continue to work or wait for the network to "fix".  When a "fixed" common ambiguity level is obtained on the network, the network will begin to provide network-based corrections again.
  3. If a rover has traveled outside a network cluster, then to receive network-based corrections they must travel back inside the network cluster area to receive network-based corrections, otherwise they will continue to receive single site products.
If you are still seeing this error after performing these corrective steps, please contact your local support representative.
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