How do I determine if I have network coverage available?

To determine if you have network coverage available in an area you need to do 2 things.  First determine if there is coverage in the area.  You can do this by visiting our Network Coverage Map using the link below:

Network Coverage Link

On this page you will find extents of our Network Coverage for both Network Correction and Nearest Correction operations.  This is the most accurate reference to understand what is available in SmartNet North America's footprint.  You can download a KMZ that can also be used to determine the network coverge limits, but we make no guarantees on the accuracy or timeliness of updates to this KMZ.  For the most up-to-date information you will need to refer to the Network Coverage Map online.

Network Coverage KMZ Link

Second, you will need to determine if your current subscription is valid in the region you wish to work.  To do this please refer to your Activation Email to determine what area your subscription is valid and then use the boundary information contained in the link below (requires Google Earth) to see what are the boundaries for the coverages  provided by SmartNet North America.

SmartNet Boundaries Link


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