How do I determine what are the boundaries of my license's service area?

SmartNet North America offers a variety of license to allow customers the flexibility to choose what fits both their budget, as well as the service area (State, Sub-Region, Province, Regional, or National services areas are available) in which they wish to work.  Each SmartNet License is defined by three (3) things - License Type, License Term and Service Area.

A Service Area is assigned to each SmartNet License and has a defined geographical boundary.  To determine the geographic area your license is authorized for, please refer to your Activation Email and use the link provided below to see what area or areas your license is authorized to work in.

The easiest way to keep up with current SmartNet boundaries is to link our boundary file into Google Earth.  To do this simply download the attached KMZ file and open it in Google Earth.  This file is a network enabled link, so it will update as boundaries are revised or new packages are released.

SmartNet NA Google Earth Boundaries (LINKED)

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