Why am I getting a different RTCM ID after the transition?

As part of our transition we did a complete re-architecture of SmartNet to handle where we are today, as well as be able to handle our future needs as well.  The re-architecture included at looking at all the components of the network including RTCM IDs.

Structurally our previous RTCM ID schema presented a number of challenges and deficiencies that needed to be addressed, so the decision was made to update these as part of the transition.  This change will give us a great deal more flexibility going forward and should dramatically impact current operations to our users in the field.

We do know that some customers use some custom QA/QC processes that rely on the RTCM IDs to be able to automate certain tasks.  These customers will need to make accommodations for the changes in their scripting/processes, but other users should only be minimally effected.

To find out more information about any specific station, please use the Site Information Search Tool on the SmartNet User Portal.

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