How do I download RINEX data?

SmartNet offers 2 different methods to access and download RINEX data, our RINEX Project Tool and via standard FTP access.

RINEX Project Tool

The simplest and most streamlined method is directly thru the Portal using our  RINEX Project Tool.

The  RINEX Project Tool was created to leverage a number of tools that already existed in the SmartNet User Portal and to simplify the overall end-user experience.  By providing RINEX data directly thru the SmartNet User Portal customers no longer have to navigate to multiple different websites to get the data they need to complete their projects.  This integration will not only allow our customers a single interface for both their RTK and Static data needs, but it will also consolidate the management of stations and station metadata to improve overall efficiency for both end-users and SmartNet Staff. 

Please visit the SmartNet User Portal to begin using the  RINEX Project Tool today, you can find more information about using the RINEX Project Tool by watching our Getting Started Video!

FTP Download

To support legacy users and other scripting functions, access to RINEX data is also available via our SmartNet FTP site.  Please navigate to our FTP site at:

Here you will find files listed by Year, Day of Year and Site.  These files that correspond with the hour of the day.  This hour of the day is referenced to GMT time (a=12 AM GMT, b=1 AM GMT, etc).

FTP Access will be deprecated on April 1, 2021


UPDATE - March 1, 2021:  Please watch our Winter 2021 Update Webinar for details about new RINEX Policies - LINK

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    Bryan Pierce

    The "Create Project" button never shows up on the RINEX Project Tool page and the above ftp link doesn't work.

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