How do I get my Leica Viva Rover configured to use SmartNet?

To get connected to SmartNet you will need the following:

  1. A valid SmartNet license
  2. A operational data connection (SIM, Mifi, etc)
  3. Your SmartNet License Username & Password (you can find this on your Activation Email or by visiting the SmartNet Portal
  4. The appropriate connection information, this can be found on our Connections & Configuration page
  5. Follow the instructions in the attached video, if you are using a SL modem you must have your GS sensor connected and powered on, you would select "Port 3 of GS Sensor" for your RTK Device


 APN Information

AT&T - Broadband

T-Mobile -

SmartConnect (Yellow SIM) - Broadband

SmartConnect (White SIM) - m2m005125.attz


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