How do I access the SmartNet NTRIP SourceTable(s)?

Because of the scale of SmartNet North America, there is no single point of access for the entire network.  The network is currently broken up into 4 different regions, but could expand in the future.  In consideration of that, as well as not wanting to create a regional break down that only we understood, we decided to go with the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach.  What we came up with was a domain schema based on state or province abbreviations.

This schema allows a customer to easily determine where he/she would like to connect to and no matter what regional division we come up with, they will be able to get the data they need.


To get corrections from a SmartNet NTRIP SourceTable (it also works with TCP/IP access) you simply use the 2 letter state or abbreviation and SmartNet URL as shown below:

Where "xx" equals the State or Province abbreviation.  

To access a SourceTable the Port would be 10000, to access TCP/IP and GPUID Ports you would need to know the specific product you wish to receive.  Please visit the Correction & Configuration page for more details.

Please keep in mind, that you must be authorized to use the corrections, this is based on the Service Area defined by your license.

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