How do I transition my System 1200 rover using AnyData modems to the new SmartNet Infrastructure ?

This video is for System 1200 users that are using the Loyola Anydata modems, this video is only valid for those customers.  Customers outside of the Mid-Atlantic South region should not use this video as a guide, please use one of the other guides posted in Rover Connections Section (LINK).  If you are unsure about the type of modem you are using please contact your local hardware support person prior to making ANY changes to your system.

To transition to the new SmartNet Reston Infrastructure you will need the following:

  1. A valid SmartNet license
  2. A operational data connection (SIM, Mifi, etc)
  3. The appropriate connection information, this can be found in the transition email you received if you are updating your settings prior to the transition date or on our Connections & Configuration page if you are updating your settings after the transition date
  4. Follow the instructions in the attached video


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