Why should I use domain names to connect to SmartNet?

If your hardware supports the use of domain names to connect to Network RTK services, you should ALWAYS use them to reduce downtime that may be caused by transition events, fail-over events,etc.  SmartNet's infrastructure relies and operates on domain names (URLs) to make transition events painless to the end users, and in the future we will deploy more intensive fail-over architecture that will rely on domain names to allow a seamless migration between environments.

If you are currently utilizing our standard domain name schema ( where xx=the state/province abbreviation) then you are fully prepared for all of our current and future plans.  If you are utilizing one of our national schemas ( or you will have no issues now or in the future as these are references to our .com domain names.

However, if you are utilizing one of our very old domain names, these have now been officially deprecated and will cease to function on July 10, 2014.  Please make sure to update your rover equipment to our standard schema to avoid any service interruptions.

You can always refer to our Connection & Configuration page for the latest information on how to get connected to SmartNet North America. This tool will provide you with the correct domain name (URL) quickly and specifically for your area.

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