Service Advisory - GLONASS Navigation File Issues - August 30, 2013

We would like to bring your attention to an undesirable behavior that has been detected with a recent software upgrade.  This issue ONLY affects RINEX and post-processed applications, Network RTK operations are NOT effected by this issue.


When creating RINEX files including GLONASS navigation data from downloaded Leica MDB files after our software upgrade the resulting GLONASS navigation will be unusable.  The time tag in the GLONASS navigation file is set to UTC time frame, but should be in GPS time frame.  This issue affects a large portion of SmartNet North America, as most of our RINEX products are created in this manner.

RINEX files from 12:00 AM, August 24, 2013 thru 10:00 AM, August 30, 2013 will be effected by this issue.


A service pack for the software will be released to address this issue in the coming days, however to mitigate the effects of this issue until we can test and roll-out the service pack, we have disabled GLONASS on all RINEX products that are created from downloaded MDB files.  

For files that have already been created and are effected by this issue, please turn off the GLONASS portion of the file on import into your processing software and ONLY use GPS data for processing.  We will issue another Service Advisory once the issues has a permanent solution.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has or may cause.


This issue has been corrected, files created after 10:00 PM ET, September 3, 2013 are no longer effected by this issue.  Please see the link below for additional details.


SmartNet North America

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