What can I do to handle the coordinate changes caused by the adjustment?

As SmartNet is a continent wide network service provider, we operate on a common reference frame to assure the most consistent and stable measurements are available to our users.  However, there are times when a user needs to be a local reference frame or in a reference frame / epoch that differs from our common broadcast.  A user may also need to contend with coordinate changes caused by updates to broadcast coordinates SmartNet does as part of its integrity monitoring and adjustment programs.

To handle these difference or coordinate changes in the field, you will need to perform a transformation, localization or calibration to your existing project control. If you are trying to match old coordinates when you return to the office, you can use your office software to apply a shift at the project level or modify the reference value coordinates to match the "old" values of the station.

For more assistance please contact your local hardware/support representative. You can also find more information about transformations using the attachments below, or search our Support Knowledge base using the keyword 'adjustment'.

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