Impactful Coordinate Changes in Canada

SmartNet North America has had an agreement in principle since we launched with NRCAN to assure a high quality, standard set of coordinates were available to our customers.  Late in 2014, we entered into a formal agreement with NRCAN as part of the NRCAN RTK Service Provider Compliance program.  

As part of this program, we are required to adopt the NAD83(CSRS v6) Epoch 2010.00 broadcast coordinates that are calculated and provided by NRCAN to assure our customer base is operating on the appropriate National Spatial Reference System in Canada.  While we have been operating with NRCAN provided coordinates since December 2012, a new realization and solution was computed in January 2015 which requires us to adopt the newer, improved solution.  

Because this is simply an updated solution the overall effects on the network are very small, 90% of the station in the network experience an average "shift" of only 4 mm, the remaining stations (~ 20 stations) do however experience shifts that could material impact measurements in the field.

The following stations are the 20 stations that will experience a shift that will impact field measurements.  Please refer to the "Site Information Search" tool to determine the amount of the shift (or click on the site code below), you can view the current and superseded coordinates, we encourage you to watch this short video to learn more about the tool - LINK.

Site Code Site Name RTCM-ID
AMOS Amos QC 3555
BRAM Brampton ON 3660
CADI Cadillac QC 3560
CAMP Campbellton NB 3481
CBRM Cape Breton NS 3482
FRED Fredericton NB 3484
GUEL Guelph ON 3673
KANA Kanata QC 3678
KAZA Kazabazua QC 3566
ONKI Kingston ON 3680
ONNA Naughton ON 3692
ONNB North Bay ON 3695
ONOC Old Castle ON 3697
ONON Onaping ON 3698
ONPE Perth ON 3703
ONSI Simcoe ON 3708
PTDL Pointe-du-Lac QC 3574
QCLP La Peche QC 3567
VALB Val Belair QC 3589

How can I get back to my old coordinates?

You can also perform your own local transformation, localization or calibration.  For more information about using this technique, please click here - LINK.

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