Leap Second Introduction - June 30, 2015

We would like to bring to your attention important information related to the introduction of a leap second by the IERS (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service) on June 30, 2015.  The introduction of a new leap second has been announced to be introducedfor June 30th, 2015 at 23:59:59.  This will increase the difference between UTC and GPS time by 1 second to new 17 seconds.  

All care is being given to assure that SmartNet North America GNSS infrastructure is not adversely affected by this introduction, but similar care should be taken by all SmartNet North America users on their GNSS rovers as well.  

Below you will find the recommended list of firmware and measurement engine versions that will be able to cope effectively with this introduction for Leica Geosystems rovers.  If you are not running this configuration on your GNSS rovers there is a possibility you will not be able to utilize your rover until you update your firmware and measurement engines.

If you are using another brand of GNSS rover on SmartNet, please contact your local representative or technical support to find out what version of firmware is suggested to handle this introduction.

Please make sure you are using the following versions -

System 500
Firmware - v 5.10

GPS900 and GS09
SmartWorx - v 8.71 or higher
ME3/ME3GG firmware - v 3.823
ME4 firmware - v 6.112 or higher

System 1200
SmartWorx firmware - v 8.71 or higher
ME2 firmware - v 2.127
ME3/ME3GG firmware - v 3.823
ME4 firmware - v 6.112 or higher

SmartWorx Viva - v 5.50 or higher
ME4 firmware - v 6.112 or higher
OEM615 firmware - v 6.112 or higher
Viva Uno - v 1.13(46)

iCON gps 60
iCON gps 60 firmware - v1.7.112 or higher
ME4 firmware - v 6.212 or higher

iCON gps 80
iCON gps 80 firmware - v 1.1.44 or higher
OEM628RV firmware - v 6.214 or higher

SmartWorx - v6.60
ME3GG firmware - v 3.053

Zeno 10/15 - v 1.13(46)
ME4 firmware - v 6.113 or higher
OEM615 firmware - v 6.403

See the bulletin C 49 for further details

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