RESOLVED - Coordinate Issue - LASF & LACL

Reported Issue:

Both St Francisville LA (LASF) and Clinton LA (LACL) had antenna hardware failures that required antenna repalcements.  These failures caused an extended outage on both units which caused them to miss our bi-annual adjustment cycle.


Issue Resolution:

Upon replacement of antennas or due to long outages that may cause a station to miss an adjustment, it is standard SmartNet policy to check the coordinates of the station prior to returning the station to service.  During this check, it was discovered that there was a discrepancy of ~21 mm on LASF and 17 mm on LACL that existed on the published vs derived check coordinates.

Even though these discrepancies fall within our typical thresholds for NOT modifying a stations coordinates, we have chosen to adjust the broadcast coordinates of both stations because of their proximity to one another.  We have recomputed the position of the stations using a 10 day data set and have agreement within the millimeter range.

You can find updates to these stations in the SmartNet Site Database.

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