Impactful Coordinate Changes across SmartNet North America - 9.2016

SmartNet North America launched our adjustment & integrity monitoring program in late 2012 to assure a high quality, standard set of coordinates were available to our customers.  As part of this program we established tolerance thresholds that would initiate investigation into a station coordinates should we see coordinate shift greater than 20 mm during our semi-annual adjustment schedule.

We take adjusting the product (broadcast) coordinates very seriously, as this is immediately reflected to our customers.  However, to assure integrity of the network overall we sometimes reach a threshold that requires us to update the product coordinates.  In our most recent adjustment, we have discovered the following stations fall outside of the 20 mm tolerance and require us to update the product coordinates.  The update to the coordinates these sites could material impact measurements in the field.

Please refer to the "Site Information Search" tool to determine the amount of the shift (or click on the site code below), you can view the current and superseded coordinates, we encourage you to watch this short video to learn more about the tool - LINK.


Site Code Site Name RTCM-ID
AZSF Safford AZ 3080
IAKA Kalona IA 1645
IAMK Maquoketa IA 1168
IAWT Winterset IA 1661
IDBO Boise ID 2712
LAGM Golden Meadow LA 2243
LAHO Houma LA 2245
LASF St Francisville LA 2261
LCBN Buchanan Dam TX 2294
LCBR Burton TX 2295
LCMS Mule Shoe Bend TX 2331
LCNX Nixon TX 2333
LCSM Smithville TX 2341
LOYC Winchester VA 584
LOYE Ripley WV 522
MNWO Worthington MN 1553
NJGT Galloway Twsp NJ 333
NJI2 Newark NJ 340
NJOC Ocean Co NJ 341
PABB Abbotsford BC 3980
PACH Chambersburg PA 391
PCHL Chilliwack BC 3981
PTWA Tsawwassen BC 3983
TCTX Temple TX 2345
TXAE Alice TX 2514
TXB2 Beaumont TX 2518
TXC2 Conroe TX 2524
TXEY Early TX 2306
TXFV Floresville TX 2310
TXKY Katy TX 2531
TXML Midland TX 2329
TXMR McGregor TX 2326
TXRN Rosenberg TX 2512
TXWD Weatherford TX 2349
TXWS Weslaco TX 2537
WASQ Snoqualmie WA 2884


How can I get back to my old coordinates?

You can also perform your own local transformation, localization or calibration.  For more information about using this technique, please click here - LINK.

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