What are Network Processing Coordinates or Physical Coordinates?

What are Network Processing Coordinates / Physical Coordinates?

Network processing coordinates or Physical Coordinates are the underlying coordinates used by SmartNet to fix the common ambiguity level across a cluster and by extension be able to produce a network correction to be used by a rover.  Network processing coordinates (physical coordinates) do not effect the broadcast position of the actual station, which is what is used by the rover to calculate a coordinate in the field.

Why do you update the Network Processing Coordinates / Physical Coordinates?

All US SmartNet stations are positioned to ensure an unprecedented level of internal precision and consistency between themselves (physical coordinates), while at the same time providing an accurate tie to the new NAD83(NA2011) National Spatial Reference System (product coordinate).

To get a better understanding of why we are doing this adjustment, please watch our original SmartNet North American Adjustment Webinar - LINK.

How does updating the Network Processing Coordinates / Physical Coordinates effect me?

At the end of the day, the only effect of us updating Network Processing Coordinates (physical coordinates) is a higher quality network correction being available.  Updating the physical coordinates of a stations does not effect the vector calculation performed by the rover and does not effect the position derived by the rover from the stations broadcast coordinate.

To get even more information about how and why we do what we do with Adjustment & Station Coordinates, please visit the Coordinate & Adjustment Information Section of the Knowledge Base - LINK

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