GLONASS Issues - Satellite R13

We are seeing an issue with the GLONASS Satellite R13 which is effecting all SmartNet North America QC files.  We are exploring options to try and mitigate the from effecting the QC files, but in the interim if you see that a QC file has failed in the Site Database please look very closely at the reason before assuming it is a bigger issue.

This issue should not effect RTK operations or rover performance, but we wanted to make sure to alert customers to the possibility of issues.

We have included images below of what you will most likely see upon investigating a QC file.




Update 10/10/2016:

We believe the issue with the GLONASS Satellite R13 has been resolved at the satellite level on 10/7/2016.  SmartNet Staff have been performed additional analysis over the past several days and feel modestly confident that the issue is no longer present.  We will continue to watch this issue and update as necessary. 

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