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UPDATED 5/13/2023

All SmartNet North America stations are positioned to ensure an unprecedented level of internal precision and consistency between themselves, while at the same time providing an accurate tie to the US NAD83(NA2011) National Spatial Reference System and Canadian NAD83(CSRSv6) National Spatial Reference System.  

We adhere to the draft NGS RTN Guidelines in the US (tie to the NSRS within 2 cm horizontal and 4 cm vertical) and  the RTK Provider Compliance Agreement in Canada (through NRCAN).  

However, due to the scope and scale of SmartNet we have had to employ a number of very unique and important adaptations to these guidelines in a number of dynamic motion areas (CA, WA, BC, LA) to make sure customers are able to work efficiently and without suffering from issues arising from tectonic motion or subsidence areas.

Below you will find a general overview of the reference frames (realizations) and epochs different areas of SmartNet North America are currently operating in.  For more detailed descriptions about how we handle coordinates and adjustments in SmartNet, please search for keyword 'adjustment' or 'coordinate' in the Knowledge Base for a wealth of information.  You may also get data about individual stations by using our Site Search Tool.

General Reference Frame and Epoch Information

SmartNet US

SmartNet Area Area Classification Reference Frame Epoch
All SmartNet US areas - excluding CA & WA Non-dynamic stations NAD83(NA2011) 2010.000
SmartNet California* Dynamic stations NAD83(NA2011) 2023.250
SmartNet Washington* Dynamic stations NAD83(NA2011) 2020.00
SmartNet Louisiana* Dynamic stations NAD83(NA2011) 2010.000


* California - SmartNet California coordinates are updated on a semi-annual basis (spring & fall each year) to account for the 3-5 cm of movement experienced across the plate boundary.  The next coordinate adjustment will be conducted in November 2023

* Washington - SmartNet Washington coordinates are under constant review and when 2 cm threshold of movement of stations is exceeded SmartNet will updated at that time.  The next anticipated coordinate review will be conducted in November 2023

* Louisiana - SmartNet reserves the right to investigate and update epochs in Louisiana if subsidence becomes an issue.  There is no anticipated coordinate update at this time, as subsidence is not as predictable as horizontal plate motion


SmartNet Canada

SmartNet Area Area Classification Reference Frame Epoch
All SmartNet CAN area - excluding BC Non-dynamic stations NAD83(CSRS) 2010.000
SmartNet BC* Dynamic stations NAD83(CSRS) 2010.000


* British Columbia - SmartNet reserves the right to investigate and update epochs in BC if velocities become an issue.  At this time we cannot predict when or if these may become an issue as we do not have enough data to analyze velocities of stations

Other Coordinate Information

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