Deprecation Of GPUID Authentication Connections

SmartNet NA will be officially deprecating our GPUID Authentication Connection Endpoints.  This is being done to further streamline & improve the overall service offering from SmartNet.  Many of our new correction formats & services are not implemented/supported on our GPUID Endpoints.  By removing support of GPUID Endpoints, SmartNet hopes to reduce the confusion customers experience when attempting to access these new services & to move all customers to the industry standard authentication method (NTRIP).  

Customers should immediately begin to migrate to NTRIP authentication endpoints to assure they do not lose service when the GPUID endpoints are removed from service.

Visit our Connection & Configuration page to find Quick Guides for your particular rover. These Quick Guides contain all the information you will need to get connected to SmartNet including a section at the beginning that details the firmware & software versions needed for your particular equipment.

You can also review the different correction formats & Mountpoints we offer using the following - LINK

Deprecation Date - May 1, 2018

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