How do I access a raw data stream for monitoring applications?

SmartNet provides raw data streams to its sites on a limited basis as part of our monitoring programs and some data sharing agreements.  To access raw data streams you will need to contact SmartNet directly or speak with someone in the Leica Geosystems Engineered Solutions & Monitoring Group.

Once you have contacted your local SmartNet representative about your need for a SmartNet Site Stream, email with the type of software you will be using to receive the stream and one of the following so we can begin setting up the appropriate stream(s)

  • Site Code(s) Required for Stream(s)
  • Latitude & Longitude of the Project for SN Staff to select the site(s) for the stream(s)

Once your order is processed & your streams are set up, you will receive an Activation Email with license credentials.  To access these streams please review the Connection & Configuration Page, along with the PDF attached to this knowledgebase article.

NTRIP Settings

Use the following settings to set up your software to receive your Site Stream.

  • Passive LB2 (Spider SW)
  • or RTCM 3.2 MSM5 (Other SW)
  • Ntrip (Client -> Caster)
  • Target domain
  • Port 8999
  • MountPoint RAW_xxxx (Spider SW)
  • MountPoint RTCM3_xxxx (Other SW)
  • Where xxxx = 4 char site code
  • Username from Activation Email
  • Password from Activation Email

Remaining Metadata Settings

The remaining metadata settings for General, Coordinates, Antenna and Receiver can be found using the Site Information Search Tool on the SmartNet Portal.

Please use the 4 character site code to search for your site metadata.  On all Site Streams we do require you to set the appropriate antenna in your software.

How to use this tool can be found on the support knowledge base by searching for keyword “metadata”

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