Low GPS Satellite Counts - August 16, 2018

SmartSupport observed an unusually low number of NAVSTAR GPS satellites being available for network processing on August 16, 2018, at approximately 3 PM ET starting in California and then progressing across the US from West to East over the intervening 2 hours.  During our investigation, it has been determined that there were only 5 GPS satellites available for processing which presents challenges on the cluster, as well as for rovers in the field. 

This low satellite event looks to only affect cluster level areas for 20-30 minutes at a time but does start in the western reaches of SmartNet and travelling from Southern CA, across AZ, NM and West TX, then up through the Plain states and into the upper Midwest.

Please make sure to adhere to good surveying and planning procedures during these times and if possible use fully GNSS capable mountpoints to minimize the impact of these low satellite counts.


Example Satellite Planning - 8/16/2018 (UTC Time Series)

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