Which SmartNet license type do I select from the Store?

We offer a variety of different license types to address an assortment of customer needs.  The three main categories of licenses available from the SmartNet Store are 'Full Access - RTK & RINEX', 'Static Access - RINEX Only', and 'Cellular Data - SmartConnect Only'.  To make sure you select the appropriate license type, please see the detailed description below.

If you still can't decide what you need after this brief primer, please don't hesitate to contact SmartSupport for assistance.

Full Access - RTK & RINEX

Full Access - RTK & RINEX is the most common type of license for our customers and is required to receive any type of real-time GNSS correction service from SmartNet.  Purchasing a Full Access license provides you access to both real-time GNSS correction services, as well as access to post-processed RINEX data.

SmartNet Full Access Corrections have been used on everything from surveying & engineering projects, to highway construction projects & airport runways, to core wall monitoring projects such as the Freedom Tower in New York City, to autonomous systems for GNSS augmentation.

If you need real-time corrections, are looking for a correction service provider and if you've made it to our Store it is a safe bet this is the selection for you.

Static Access - RINEX Only

Static Access - RINEX Only provides a single stop location to get the post-processing data you need for precise positioning application, GIS applications and more.   Please watch our Winter 2021 Update Webinar for the most up-to-date information about our RINEX policies and options.

Our RINEX Data Services provide us the backbone on which SmartNet is built. We use our RINEX Data Services to position our stations into the millimeter world. And our customers can do the same.

Cellular Data - SmartConnect Only

Cellular Data - SmartConnect Only is a cellular data service that simply provides cellular data connectivity and DOES NOT include GNSS correction services.  This is not something that customers would commonly select and does not provide GNSS corrections to allow for more accurate positioning.  This ONLY includes a cellular data plan.

Again, Cellular Data - SmartConnect Only does not include SmartNet GNSS correction services. Corrections services must be purchased separately.  If you are looking for real-time correction services and select this, you've probably made the wrong choice.


UPDATED - JUNE 22, 2021

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