GPS Week Number Rollover - April 6, 2019

GNSS & Application Infrastructure 

On April 6, 2019, the transmitted GPS week number in the navigation message will rollover from 1023 to 0 ( This will be the second era rollover since GPS time was established.

In preparation for this event, SmartNet North America has completed a review of all reference stations and application infrastructure for which we control, as well as conferred with our development staff to assure continuity through this event.  Simulated testing of the week rollover has been completed on all GR/GM/GMX series receivers currently in operation on SmartNet, as well as at the application layer to assure correction services will continue to operate normally during and after the rollover.

While a vast majority of the SmartNet infrastructure falls into the category outlined above, there are segments of the network that we consume data streams from third-party providers.  We have spoken with each one of these providers and have been assured they have made similar preparations, but we will not be able to guarantee operations in these areas until after data streams have been evaluated after the rollover occurs.  Please see the list below for areas that could be affected by the rollover.

Data Stream Areas:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona (small pockets)
  • California (small pockets in non-metro markets)
  • Maine (small pockets)
  • Mississippi
  • New York
  • Nova Scotia
  • Vermont

Rover Operations

To assure your rover operation continue without interruption, you should verify all receivers you are currently operating are running the most current receiver/ME firmware from your specific manufacturer or confer with your manufacturer to determine the minimum recommended receiver/ME firmware that has been tested to function properly after the rollover occurs.


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