Incorrect Network data rate - Captivate v4.5

Some users have reported an issue utilizing both SmartConnect SIMs, as well as other vendor SIMs after loading Captivate v4.5 firmware.  There is a known issue in the default firmware settings that cause the Network data rate to be set to '2G' which causes the issue reported.  The Network data rate should be set to 'Automatic'.  Please see the images and instructions below to all connection to the internet and proper operation of SmartConnect.

  • Settings -> Connections -> All other Connections
  • Highlight the CS Internet and press Edit and make the screen look like this:
  • Ignore the Advanced tab on this screen
  • Press OK
  • Then Press F4 Control
  • On the top of the screen go to the Advanced Tab
  • Change the Network data rate to 'Automatic'


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