Version 7.1 Broadcast Coordinate Changes - Canada Stations

The following Canadian sites exhibited a changed of greater than 30mm (3 cm / 0.03 m) compared to existing broadcast coordinates.  If you need to find US sites please see the US specific support article.

Please note, the large changes for these site continue to be investigated to narrow down if this is truly a shift or if there is an antenna offset issue causing the large variance.  We will continue to review coordinates up until the launch on Jan 6, 2020.

Eastern Canada

Site Code Total Coordinate Change (m)
ONBM 0.120243
ONEU 0.122604
SHBK 0.071995
TATA 0.068769


Western Canada

Site Code Total Coordinate Change (m)
ABL2 0.03516
ABNC 0.033309
ABPE 0.039979
BCPT 0.031004
BCSC 0.035996


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