Change To RINEX Data Retention Policy - March 1, 2021

Based on utilization patterns and customer feedback, SmartNet North America has made the decision to change it RINEX Data Retention Policy.


As of March 1, 2021, SmartNet North America will move away from its traditional RINEX storage schema to improve our RINEX offerings and extend the retention period. With the introduction of a new object based storage model, as well as the introduction of our new XPOS API, SmartNet will provide one (1) year of RINEX data retention.


As of October 2020 we began the move to the new storage model and RINEX files are now available back to this date and will remain so for a period of one (1) year. A rolling clean up process will then begin to always maintain one (1) year of RINEX 1 second fully GNSS data.


Along with the introduction of this storage model, we will also be introducing a new quota system for RINEX downloads, as well as deprecating access to RINEX via FTP to address storage and security concerns. Access to FTP RINEX downloads will be deprecated on April 1, 2021 and all access to RINEX going forward will require a valid SmartNet license that is activated for RINEX access with a defined quota.


In addition to this extended retention policy, SmartNet will also introduce an improved RINEX Project Tool that provides immediate access to RINEX data, concatenation, decimation, variable epoch rates and file lengths in 15 minute blocks. Further extending our offerings, XPOS API access is also available on numerous post-processing platforms to allow workflow adoption and importation of data directly in your software package with a valid SmartNet license.


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause some of our users, but feel like this schema provides the best balance between improving the overall offerings to all our users and providing commercial viability for the new demands in the post-processing marketplace.


We encourage you to watch our latest webinar for more details about these new policies and how they may effect you.


Please watch our Winter 2021 Update Webinar for details about new RINEX Policies - LINK


Thank you,

SmartNet North America

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