SmartConnect 3G Sunset FAQ

In the US, both Verizon & AT&T have moved to sunset legacy 3G cellular networks, either completely or on a region-by-region basis.  This means there are transition activities required to assure continuity of service going forward from February 2022.  

The information contained in the article only relates to SmartNet users employing SmartConnect SIM cards.  If your cellular data services are being supplied by a different vendor or provider you will need to contact them to determine what steps are required.  You may also watch our Fall Update 2021 Webinar to understand the affects of the AT&T 3G Sunset and the corrective actions required.

Who is affected?

  • All SmartConnect SIMs that have been operated / used / registered in 3G devices MUST be replaced

How do I know if I am affected or my SmartConnect SIMs are affected?

  • You should have already been contacted by your Direct / Dealers / Distributors if you are affected
  • You should have received an email if you are affected
  • You have the ability to review your SmartConnect SIM status
    • Navigate to the SmartConnect section of ‘Your Account’ in HxGN SmartNet Portal contains column showing if a ‘Replacement Req’d’

Are customers going to continue have service?

  • Yes, customer will continue to have service up until the sunset date from SmartNet
  • The only caveat to this is if AT&T were to shutter some segment of the 3G Network early

Q:  Is AT&T sunsetting or retiring its 3G network early?

A:  No.  AT&T is not sunsetting or retiring its 3G network early.  AT&T is performing on-going spectrum optimization work as we prepare our network for future advanced services and ensure we meet demand across all technologies.  We continue to stand firm with our plan to sunset the 3G network nationwide in February 2022.

- AT&T 3G Sunset COE – August 19, 2021

As a customer how do I get my new / replacement SmartConnect SIM?

  • Direct / Dealers / Distributors are responsible for the transition of their customers
  • Processes are in place for representatives to order SmartConnect SIMs for 3G Sunset Activities & to replace the SIMs in the field as time & equipment availability permit

Can we go down to get AT&T and grab sim cards?

  • No, the only SIMs that will work with SmartConnect are SmartConnect SIMs provided by SmartNet
  • Your Direct / Dealer / Distributor will need to assist you with replacing your SIM

Will we have to replaced our 3G equipment with 4G equipment?

  • This is the proper path to assure continuity of service

If we register a SmartConnect SIM card in a 4G modem and place them back into a 3G modem will that work until I receive my new 4G equipment?

  • New / replacement SmartConnect SIMs must NOT be used in a 3G device

How do I get more information on if this affects me or to understand the issue better?

  • Contact your local SmartNet Direct / Dealer / Distributor they can assist with questions or transition  / replacement activities
  • Watch our Fall Update 2021 Webinar to understand the affects of the AT&T 3G Sunset and the corrective actions required.
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