IGS Mountpoint Deprecation - UPDATED

To accommodate users that have not yet made the transition to ITRF mountpoints, we have moved the deprecation date to 10 PM ET, January 30, 2021.  No further extension or accommodations can be made and this date will be End of Life for all IGS mountpoints
We are in the process of removing a number of mountpoints from service that we deprecated support for in the past. During our review of the process we found there are still users that will be impacted by this change. We will be removing all IGS08 mountpoints, as we have moved to ITRF14 for physical station coordinates and we no longer compute updated coordinates in the IGS08 realization. In short this means mountpoints operating with the IGS08 reference frame do not support or supply corrections for any stations installed after November 2019 and also could cause base mapping conflicts due to the epoch currently being broadcast on these mountpoints. Please find the list of mountpoints being removed below:

Mountpoints affected by this change:

We understand this change may cause some interruption in operations for a subset of users still using IGS mountpoints, but the immediate benefit far outweighs inconvenience. By transitioning to ITRF mountpoints users will immediately have access to all SmartNet North America stations, as well as have access to all new stations that are added / installed going forward. Additionally, with the ITRF14 mountpoints we also support full GNSS correction messages, as well as the most current reference frame realization and epoch to maintain compatibility with base mapping and other Hexagon correction services.

If you are using IGS mountpoints currently, please immediately update the mountpoint you are using to receive corrections to one of the following to assure uninterrupted operations. If you are unsure about what mountpoint to use for best performance, please contact your hardware vendor to determine which is best for your particular application.

GNSS Mountpoints:

GPS & GLONASS Mountpoints:

While we encourage you to make this switch immediately, we do understand this may require alignment of resources and schedules to successfully roll this out across your fleet.  We will be completely removing these mountpoints from service on November 1, 2021.

HxGN SmartNet North America
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