Mountpoint Alignment for Global Consistency

In an effort to better align HxGN SmartNet Correction Services globally, we have made additions to our product offering and updated the Connection & Configuration Tool to reflect these updates.

In the past, we have advertised MSM_iMAX, MSM_ViRS and MSM_NEAR mountpoints on Port 10000 as our standard mountpoints for operations with NRTK (Standard Survey) licenses.  These mountpoints will remain in place, so there are no immediate changes required for existing licenses.  While existing licenses will still have access to the legacy mountpoints on port 10000 they will no longer be advertised or recommended for use.  

Going forward if a users is entitled to access on the MSM_iMAX, MSM_VRS or MSM_NEAR mountpoints we have a new Sourcetable on port 9301 that will be shown in the Connection & Configuration Tool where these mountpoints will be available.

Utilizing the Connection & Configuration guide will provide the correct configuration parameters to successfully access HxGN SmartNet correction services and should be treated as the canonical record.  

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